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With millions of users, Instagram is at the top of today's most popular social networks. When using Instagram, you may sometimes think that an account needs to be closed for various reasons. Violation of community rules, an account that does not follow Instagram rules, a person whose owner has died, can be subject to account closure. Instagram account closing forms are forms that allow faster transactions regarding the account you will report to Instagram. What reasons stand out in the forms that Instagram offers to close certain accounts on its help page? For the Instagram account closure process, let's look at the forms and content that you can actively use in 2021.

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What are the Instagram account closing forms?

If you intend to send a form to the application to close certain accounts on Instagram, there are Instagram account closing forms for the following situations. Instagram's current account closing forms are as follows:

  1. Report someone else's Instagram account hacked
  2. Age verification
  3. Reporting bullying and harassment
  4. Reporting fake accounts
  5. Violation of community rules
  6. Report deceased Instagram user
  7. Forms containing sexual offenses

As you can see, account closure forms on Instagram are available for almost anything you might need. Instagram offers a versatile account closure process to provide a better experience for its users. All you have to do is fill out the Instagram account closing forms and start the process. The Instagram help unit will review the form you sent and get back to you in a short time. The company makes the final decision on the final outcome of an Instagram account you report or report. For this reason, the result may be different for each account you fill out an account closing form on Instagram.

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